About Us

Dawson Welding & Machine Works was created in 1984 as a small welding fabrication partnership between twin brothers, Donald and Donovan Dawson.

With 40 highly skilled workers, we look forward to servicing your welding and machining needs and exceeding your expectations.

Over 28 years of experience

In 1987 the Dawson brothers purchased a sub-arc welding machine and began welding for the Nucor Yamato Steel Co. In time, the Dawson's acquired a large lathe to accommodate Nucor’s projects leading to the inception of Dawson Welding & Machine Works as a full service welding, machining and manufacturing provider

Amber Talley, President & Chief Financial Officer

Carla Jimenez, CFO Assistant

Lee Bowles, Outside Sales & Field Operations

Rick Guthrie, Operations Manager & Outside Sales

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